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Monday, September 21, 2020

How Edo People Defeated And Cements Godftherism In Edo State—KellyVile

By Nwoke Dikeh

Edo State election may have come and gone but the lesson should be learnt by all sensible people within the political corridor.

Godfatherism was defeated and bury in Edo state to the pleasure of all with good intentions. The famous slogan "Edo is not Lagos" is a clear message that you can't deceive all the people, all the times.

The last Saturday's election was between light and darkness. It's an election that defined and establishes freedom in Edo state and by extension, Nigeria at large.

The National Chairman of the All Progressive Congress(APC), Adams Oshiomole was a man so loved by all Nigerians. He did an excellent job as a labour leader during his days, which dear him to the heart of all.  But all these reputation and good records he garnered to his name, were all threw to the mud.

Oshiomole, who was also the governor of Edo State, turned himself to a god. He lords over everyone with no regards to what people holds dear to.

Godfatherism in politics is what must be rejected by all. The Governor of Edo state, Godwin Obaseki was instrumental to this noble task.  Nobody thought it could be possible but like they says' "all is now history."

The last minute video campaign message release by National Leader of APC, Bola Ahmed Tinubu, where he called himself "Leader of all democrats in Nigeria" played a significant role in dethroning and cementing godfatherism in Edo state.

Tinubu wanted to extend his political empire to Edo State, same he has successfully done in Lagos without hindrance. But Edo people said, NO!

Since his days as governor of Lagos State till now, he has been the determinant of who becomes what in Lagos and few other Southwest states.

He is rumord to be preparing to become President in 2023, after Buhari.

President Muhammad Buhari who failed woefully in all his promises to Nigerians during the 2015 general election, will be completing two tenor by 2023. He promised to end corruption, fight insecurity and economy but nothing has been done, instead, we have experience more corrupt practices under his administration.

Many are wondering what different would Bola Ahmed Tinubu make in the lives of Nigerians considering that both are on same party with same agenda.  If as a leader of party in power and he could not influence the government to perform well, how then can we believes that he will do differently?

There are many vibrant and younger Nigerians who can lead the country more better, let's go for them. We cannot continue to sacrifice the future of this nation to greedy few.

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