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Monday, September 21, 2020

How High Cost Of Marriage In Nigeria Breeds Poverty —KellyVile

Marriage in Africa, and Nigeria particularly has become a business empire where it goes for the highest bidder.

Young men in Nigeria who are of marital age are finding it very difficult to get married because of the cost involved.

In the past, getting married was never a burden compared to what is obtainable today in Africa generally. From bride's father and mother's personal demands to bride price. Of course, kinsmen are involve, of which you as a groom must settle their own side of the bargain.

This has led to the many men of marriageable age, still single with no hope of getting married soon.

A lot of young people are still struggling to feed themselves. Economy is in bad shape, no job and some parents expects an aspiring in-law to pay as much as N500, 000—N900,000 for traditional marriage.

After passing the stress of the bride's parents demanding, you would still be faced with Church /Islamic marriage . This is also involves with lots more spending.

African parents needs to have a change of mindset. Their excessive demands during marriage are sending some of our young men into robbery and kidnapping in a bid to meet up with the marriage lists. Some men are not considering marriage at all because of the cost that follows it.

We need to do better, we can do it! Let's not create another means of getting people more into poverty.  After spending all their money in meeting up marrital rites, who will feed the new family? Will they start their lives on credit?

Going by my personal experience, I would suggests that court marriage is the best for young African men.  With this type of marriage, there won't be need to spend much.

No marriage is free anywhere in the world but with court marriage, it can be limited to the bearest level. Of course, you need to pay for the administrative fees which is less than $15 in Nigeria.

Hosting of party or reception is not needed. You will only invite few wittinesses, maybe two or three persons.

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